Che Chengsupanimit


Hey there! I’m Che.

Copywriting’s my specialty, where I tend to work with clients in the personal development and health & fitness niches (combat sports instructors, personal trainers, gyms, and even superfood distributors)!

Of course, I also love a good challenge, so I accept all sorts of different clients including law firms, banks, restaurants, and hotels.

As passionate as I am about copywriting, I’ve also worked in other areas of digital marketing. This includes writing and running pay-per-click ads on Google and Facebook, and also helping clients optimize their Instagram profiles. Since I learn with my hands, you can see me playing around with different things on my personal page, @chayoot.che. You’ll also see some more of my storytelling and nonfiction writing on my Instagram feed. Come say hi!

“But where do you get your ideas from, Che?”

By living life, of course! After all, writers need experiences to write about.

When I’m not writing, you can find me training in various combat sports. As a member of the Thai national team, my main focus is currently on freestyle wrestling. Many of my clients tend to be in the health, fitness, and wellness niches for this specific reason- I live the lifestyle and understand the target market. In many cases, I am the target market!

You might also find me at the beach where I’ll be meditating, snorkeling, kayaking, eating food, watching the sunset, or just sitting with my thoughts. When the weather doesn’t allow for that, you might find me in a cozy coffee shop with an iced Americano and a kindle (I love hardcover books, but those are hard to bring around, especially when you love books as much as I do).

Next time you need something to write about or a way to sell your product or service, don’t you worry- I never run out of ideas or stories, so neither will you!

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