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16 Mar

There are probably hundreds of tools out there for Instagram. But let’s get started with some tools that allow you to make those fabulous grids and also offers scheduling and analytical features.

PLANN – A phone app for Instagram that create grids, plan your posts, and create themes by organizing your photos or grids by color palettes. You can also get analytics, repost instagram photos and they save hashtags sets. They have a free plan, which limits you to 30 uploads a month, no analytics, no scheduling stories, and as well as some additional limits. A feature I really appreciate is the ability to upload photos from Dropbox or Google Drive. They have 4 paid plans ranging from $4-$18 a month.

UNUM – Another phone app that is also is based on making grids and organizing your Instagram page. It also provides analytics, lets you plan of your captions ahead of time, and play around with different ways to lay out your photos. UNUM also has a free plan, as well as a $4.99.month plan and $6.99.

Planoly – Another phone app that works as an Instagram visual planner and scheduler that makes grids. This one also lets you pre-plan your captions but you can’t store hashtag sets and it doesn’t have editing features. It does however also let you download from Google Drive and DropBox. Planoly also has a free plan and paid plans vary from $7 all the way to $159.

Preview: This is the last major app in this category. It allows you to repost, its got over 70 themes, it provides boarders, and other editing tools. It also has analytics and lets you curate hashtag groups. It again offers a free plan (that only includes 2 out of the 70+ themes) but does offer some basic analytics The other plans are $7.99 a month and $14.99 a month.

StoriesEdit: Is an app out out by the same company as Planoly that has 30 basic layouts to make drag and drop picture into frames for stories on Instagram.

A Color Story:  An app (both Apple and Android) that allows you to easily give your feed a cohesive look by using over 200 filters,  over 100 effects, and over 20 tools, and then save the presets, so that you can easily apply them to every photo.

Later: An app originally schedule posts to Instagram now schedules posts with visuals to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It lets you save a media library, research hashtags, and save captions (and more). There is a free version and the paid versions are really affordable. Main con is that you can only make posts that includes graphics.

Have2HaveIt: Allows you to transform your link in your IG bio into a menu, so that you can link to products or blog posts. Try free for 30 days. Then plans start at only $5/month.

FollowWadder: Gain Targeted Followers, Build brand awareness and activity through automated photo commenting, liking, and photo like backs… All 100% Automated! Managed right from Your Desktop from Software! 7 day free trial.

Instagram Follow Adder

Hopper: An Instagram scheduling tool (which also schedules to Twitter and Facebook). One nice feature is that you connect your Dropbox to easily to upload your content. It also allows you to schedule the first comment along with the post so that you can input your hashtags or simply get a convo started. Another super helpful feature is the ability to source custom content (both images and videos) by hiring a creator through the platform. Hopper has a 14-day trial. Hopper starts at $19/month (or $16/month if you pay annually).

Iconosquare: A really robust rool for managing Instagram with all of the scheduling and analytics you might expect. I have found Iconosquare and Later to be the most in-depth and useful Instagram management tools.

Free Instagram Audit by Iconosquare: Provides really good data about what can be improved with an Instagram account. It gives you really good, easy to understand directions on how to improve and provides a professional-looking report you can provide to clients.

Instaranker: An Instagram growth tool that automatically follows or unfollows people, likes people’s pictures or videos and even comment on your behalf. It has a 3-day trial and costs $10 a month although can be cheaper if you purchase longer terms.

Kapwing Instagram Story Templates: Although you can try Kapwing for free, the free version adds a little watermark in the lower-right corner. To remove it, upgrade to one of the premium options. A single video costs $6, and a premium subscription costs $20 per month. The premium subscription also removes the watermark on videos made with Kapwing’s other tools (which are listed in the website’s footer).

Milkshake: Free Instagram website – turns the link in your bio into a mini webpage.

Milotree: Pop up that allows you to convert your website visitors into Instagram followers (can also be used to get follower for other social media sites or collect subscribers.

Peoplemap: Used for Influencer campaigns on Instagram. Makes it easy to make and manage lists and find and analyze influencers.

Showcase: Shopify app that makes shoppable Instagram galleries

SocialInsight: Another tool to schedule and get analytics for Instagram

SquareLovin: Freemium analytics tool. The tool tracks likes and followers, reviews post performance and measures overall profile engagement. It also highlights the best times to post, best filters to use and hashtags, along with a history of your posts, broken down by hour. You can also get more insight into your audience’s preferences and interests.

Any other tools you think should be on this list?? Leave it in the comments!

Shannon Murphy

Shannon was born in Upstate NY and received her B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience form Northeastern University. She has worked as a digital marketing freelancer for over 3 years for several different agencies and freelancing before starting her own small start-up agency, Murphy Strategic Marketing.

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