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*Note This section contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. While I may receive compensation for some mentioned resources, many of them I do not have an affiliate deal with and I will not make money. I also only mention ones that I honestly recommend and utilize myself.

No one likes a good tool like me. There are so many that I rely on and there are so many that use daily. There’s literally a tool for everything. The majority of tools on this list are free or have some sort of freemium plan. If it is not free or does not have a free plan, I will try to at least the lowest pricing and what you get with that. But lots of free tools eventually start charging, so this may not always be completely update. Feel free to contact me if you see any changes. And also share your favorite free tool with me.

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Content Curation

Buzzsumo: helps you with content marketing by finding the most shared content on given topics and websites. There are different types of tools here that can help you stay ahead of the opponents. For the limited package, it’s free or pro is $99 per month.

Website SEO

Pingdom: Helps boost your website to stay on track with your SEO and conversion rates. The speed report provides instant analysis and improving your site speed. If you are wanting the monitoring costs $13.95 – $454 per month.

Social Media Management

Buffer: Is a social media automation tool. It helps you with your schedule, updates for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. It even comes with a browser extension, mobile app, calendar, link shortening, optimal timing, and social analytics. One of their stand out features is being able to easily “bulk add” social statuses and articles to share. They have a free plan with limited features but the additional plans range from $10 to $250 per month.


Streak: Is a tool that helps you keep track of your contacts, deals, projects, and messages. Once you have downloaded everything, it all goes to one inbox. This way you don’t forget about having to log into different apps to do it. It can also help with a wide variety of businesses. It helps manage the hiring process, keep track of investments, fundraising projects, manage deals, and more.

Business tools

Hiveage: Is a place that can help you with your invoicing. It gives you unlimited invoices to be able to send out and also unlimited contacts. This way you don’t have to worry about ever running out.

Quill Engage is a really cool tool that takes all that data from Google Analytics and gives you a weekly and monthly report for free for one account with the most important takeaways. You can pay to get more reports and such,

Graphics A place that you can get a chart, a graph, a map, or an interactive graphic. Like Excel but this one will allow you to be able to change colors, input data, and publish your graphic online. The interactive content is especially cool. Their free plan offers quite a bit and there are more and more cool things based on what you pay.


Capitalizemytitle: A place that can go to get the help you make sure that the right words are capitalized. It breaks down what words in titles should be capitalized and what ones aren’t. It even teaches rules to help you remember for later down the road.


Ad Spend Calculator: A tool that will help you make a decision on marketing like buying ads. The calculator helps you understand the cost of the ads and if they would be beneficial to your business.

Evernote: Read something online today? Evernote is a web-based app that helps you capture, share text, images, web clippings, and other materials to your business across any device. Onenote is pretty similar and I guess it all comes down to taste but I’ve been using them to store years of articles and notes.

If you are having issues finding a tool specifically but can’t find it anywhere. Please contact me and I will be able to help lead you in the right direction.

Tailwind:This is one of the main tools in Pinterest management tool with a TON of important and helpful features.

The original use of Tailwind was for scheduling. So you can schedule your own pins, as well as other Pins, so that you have news ones being adding every hour or every few hours, but plan that all at once. It also lets you schedule them from people blogs, so that you can save those to Pinterest boards yourself, and even schedule them to multiple different boards over a period.

A second important mention aboutTailWind is their Tailwind Tribes. The tribes are similar to group boards, in that you share your content with other members of of the tribe, and the idea is that you share each of others. Watch the following quick video to get a really good understanding of their Tribe function:

Another great feature of TailWind we mentioned earlier is SmartLoops, which allows you to schedule pins to be repinned to your desired boards every few months, or which every time frame you sent. As you grow, you’ll have more and more content you don’t even need to worry about scheduling, because its already done for you! You just want to make sure that there is a good timeframe and amount of other pins, between repins.


PinGroupie: A Pinterest group board directory, so that you can find group boards to request to collaborate on, any Pin you post on a group board will be shown to each of the collaborators audiences,, giving you huge audience possibilities.

PinFollow: If you know Instagram, you know there are TONS of apps that help you “grow your followers,” pretty much tools that help you follow people who follow you and unfollow people who don’t follow you back. So Pinfollow is the Pinterest version of these apps. What this really does, is helps your Follow/followers ratio. Since mass following people is considered Spammy, because its an attempt to get follows that aren’t really relevant to you, your follow/unfollow ratio is a metic that social media accounts look at, that other brands look at etc. So unfollowing those that don’t follow you back can help. that ratio. But you have to be careful because mass unfollows will also look bad to the Pinterest (or Instagram, wherever) sand can get you spammed, so its definitely a tool I utilize and can be helpful but you want to use it with caution.

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